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Health Mandates

The board has demonstrated a lack of respect and representation for parent rights, especially regarding masking of children.  This is best illustrated by the board vote on July 19, 2021 where the board overruled the masking policy developed and proposed by superintendent Jennifer Verleger.  This policy mirrored what surrounding school districts were implementing based on research by Ms. Verleger as well as the results of a parent survey conducted by MPPS.  This survey indicated 68% of MPPS parents, basically 7 out of 10 parents, amounting to a supermajority vote, did NOT support required masking for children K-12.  The choice was clear. The boards lack of support for the superintendent and blatant disregard of parental choice demonstrates a lack of representation for MPPS parents and stakeholders.

Sex Education

Controversial sexual education, including gender identity issues, are being introduced and taught to MPPS students. Our supporters believe in an inclusive learning environment, however, many of these topics violate personal and religious beliefs. In accordance with Michigan law, sex education is required to meet legal obligations, including full disclosure and parental consent. Sex education, which includes family planning and human sexuality, needs to stay in sex education classes and out of all other subjects.

Critical Race Theory 

Critical Race Theory (CRT) literature is currently being introduced in Mt. Pleasant High School.  CRT is an educational discipline developed in the 1970’s which, among many things, advocates for the “deconstruction” of American institutions based on the theory that America is inherently racist.  Martin Luther King Jr. famously said “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” but CRT promotes the opposite, stating everything in America, including people, should be looked at through the lens of race.  The board has demonstrated tolerance for CRT and has not provided accountability or transparency regarding the extent of CRT within the school district.

Relevant Board Meetings

August 16, 2021

8/16/21:  Board member Sheila Murphy begins a discussion about the mask policy at the 00:26:57 mark which lasts until public comments begin at the 01:14:50 mark.  Board discussion begins at the 01:45:10 mark.  Opponents of the recall provided a show of support for the board with signs and public comments.  Recall organizers and supporters did not attend this meeting.

July 19, 2021

7/19/21:  Superintendent Jennifer Verleger presented the results of a MPPS survey and her proposed masking policy at the 0:08:40 minute mark.  Board member Wiline Pangle objected to the proposal resulting in board vote of five to one in favor of masking children K-thru-eleven years old.  This despite 68% of those surveyed opposing mask mandates.  Parent comments begin at 00:55:34 minute mark.

August 02, 2021

8/2/21:  The board not only held up their 7/19/21 vote for mask mandates, but board member Tim Odykirk suggested the district adopt a PERMANENT mask policy for not only Covid-19 but other diseases such as the influenza, hepatitis and “many other diseases.”   Mr. Odykirk speaks to this from 00:30:47 thru 00:44:36. Community comments start at 00:48:39 and board discussion begins at 02:06:17.

June 21, 2021

6/21/21:  Once again the primary topic was CRT, this time the opponents showed up and sounded their voice starting at the 01:31:50 minute mark.  It was 2:1 against CRT and the board did not have any comments during their open remark’s session at the conclusion on the meeting.    

June 07, 2021

6/7/21:  CRT proponents and opponents came out in abundance at this meeting, with public comments starting at the 00:32:15 minute mark.  Numerous proponents supported the 1619 Project and the notion that America is founded on white supremacy.  It was about 2:1 in support of CRT and the board had some interesting comments regarding the discussion beginning at the 2:28:52 minute mark.

May 17, 2021

5/17/21:  At the 02:06:12 minute point of this meeting board member, Sheila Murphy, asks why she was advised CRT was not in MPPS when in fact a book by Ibram X. Kendi, a renown CRT advocate, was already being used in the high school.  Board members also make some interesting comments at the conclusion of the meeting.  

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