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sex education at MPPS

Various teachers within both the Mt. Pleasant High School and Mt. Pleasant Middle School are promoting Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) topics that do not meet Michigan legal obligations, as well as violate parental rights.  We encourage all parents to speak with their children about what they are learning in this space to ensure full transparency and accountability with your rights.  Below is more information as well as examples of CSE being taught in Mt. Pleasant.

Michigan law on Sexual education

Click the button below to view the Summary of Legal Obligation and Best Practices for Sex Education in Michigan Public Schools. See the section on Teacher Training on page three of the Summary where it states “In order to teach sex education, teachers must be qualified to teach health. (§380.1507) At the secondary level, this means teachers must have either the MA (health), MX (health, physical education, recreation and dance), or KH (family and consumer science) endorsement.”  Controversial sexual education topics are currently being taught in the English Language Arts curriculum which appears to be in violation of this statutes.

Sex education includes: “family planning, human sexuality, and the emotional, physical, psychological, hygienic, economic, and social aspects of family planning.” 

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More on CSE

The following link is about the international efforts of CSE.

Examples at MPPS 
Sunset Over New York City

Sex Ed in ELA

Human sexuality and economic aspect of family planning do not belong in an English Language Arts (ELA) class.  This worksheet was distributed to ELA students during the 2020/2021 academic year.

sex ed.gif

Prohibited Content or Action Violation

Above is an example of content being taught in Mt. Pleasant which violates the Prohibited Content or Action on page three of the above summary.  The above Family Planning Services information was at the elementary school level and appears to violate MCL 380.1507 of Michigan statute.  


Sexual Content Material

Soft pornography has been identified as a reading option for an English class in MIDDLE SCHOOL.  These are pages from a book being used by a Mt. Pleasant Middle School English teacher.  Not only does this book cross into soft pornography, but it is doing so with a storyline of an adulterous relationship. 

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