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Petition information

Only registered voters in Mt. Pleasant school district can sign the petition. Each petition can only have signatures from voters living in the specific township or the City of Mt. Pleasant.

Are you registered to vote?

What school district are you in?

Lookup by last name by clicking the search button at the top of the web page after clicking the button below. See the photo of the school district map. The tan shaded area is the Mt. Pleasant school district boundaries.

Steps for ensuring the validity of signatures:

Step 1

Contact the recall effort through email or Facebook.  An organizer will reach out to you to coordinate the best method to get your signature. Only residents who live in Mt. Pleasant school district are eligible to sign a petition.  Your property tax statement will state which school district you pay taxes for in the property information section.  You can also email or contact a recall organizer if you have questions or to confirm.

Step 2

Print your name and address clearly and sign your full name.  Make sure it is in black ink. 

Step 3

Each board member requires their own petition, so you will need to repeat this three times to ensure each board member has a valid petition with your signature.

After gathering signatures, mail the forms to the following mailing address:

PO Box 1013
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804

Where to sign?


Volunteers will be gathering.  If you don’t know a volunteer then reach out through Facebook (RecallandReclaimMPPS) or email at


Organizers will be setting up booths at various events and locations.  These will be posted as they get scheduled.

Host a Petition Party:

If you are a supporter of the recall then you likely have friends and family who also are supporters.  Organize a small get together or meeting and help gather their signatures in addition to yours.

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